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My name is Tadeusz or shorter Tadek (as with most of the difficult Polish names we use nicknames). For foreigners my name is close to impossible to pronounce, so here is a little pronouncation key: /ta-de'-sh pîe-'tra-shek/. On the other hand, Tadek is pronounced just as you write it /ta'-dek/, with the only trick being the stress put on the first syllable.

I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Google in Switzerland. With background on machine learning and computer security, I work on Gmail Spam and Abuse detection.

Before joining Google, I worked at the Global Analysis Security Laboratory IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland doing my PhD at the Machine Learning Group at the University of Freiburg, Germany. The topic of my thesis was human assisted classification of intrusion detection alerts using machine learning techniques. As impossible as it sounds, I managed to graduate. W00t! If you're interested in my thesis work, you can have a look at my publications.

My professional interests include:

Please have a look at some of the projects I worked on (sadly, I cannot write much more about my other IBM and Google projects), as well as my publications or my resume.

My Blog is now on-line. It's a bit chaotic and mostly about very geeky stuff, but hope you will find it useful.


I am a generally active person, enjoying most of outdoor activities, in particular hiking, climbing, skiing and swimming. If you look at the map of Switzerland, you will see why I like it a lot ;-) In my past I also used to do some sailing, both sea- and inland sailing. I even worked a sailing instructor in two sailing courses.
More recently I have been more domesticated and don't do so much outdoor activities anymore. No, I don't have a television at my place, so it's not so bad with me yet ;-)
I am also keen on photography, so you can see our photo gallery.


Tadeusz Pietraszek <>

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