xdu: analyzing disk-space usage

I recently started getting nagmails about running out of quota on my home directory. Being a very messy user, I had no idea where the space went. I tried playing with du manually, but it’s much easier with xdu:

sudo apt-get install xdu
du > /tmp/blah
xdu -n /tmp/blah

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  1. ZZamboni Says:

    There’s also xdiskusage, which at least runs du for you automatically :-) I personally like programs that use treemap displays, I find them very useful to see where the space went. For Linux, there’s KDirStat or Baobab. For the Mac, GrandPerspective or Disk Inventory X are nice.

  2. tadekp Says:

    Cool. I will give them a try! Tnx.

  3. jesse Says:

    ncdu rocks! (kinda late though, damn feed reader ;) )

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