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  • – a nice tutorial how to make the camera-ready version of your latex document even more beautiful by removing Overfull \hboxes and avoiding widows and orhpans. What worked really well for me was:

Pusterla Elektronik

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Ever wondered where to get some electronic components in Zurich and was unhappy with what quadruple “M” Migros offers in the hobby section? Or looking for a non-typical power supply for your favorite toy that just died? Or need some fancy cables? Or maybe just want to look at cool stuff? ;-)

I found a really nice electronic store in Zurich – Pusterla Elektronik to help you.

  • Calatrava lectures @ MIT – transcripts and a lot of multimedia content. A must see if you’re interested in Calatrava’s works. (0)
  • exploring ActiveRecord – an interesting whitepaper on Ruby on RAILS architecture and how it can be adopted to Java (thanks to James for this pointer). (0)
  • XMaps library is a great library enhancing GoogleMaps with custom on-the-fly made icons, polylines and a lot of cool stuff. Neat, but has some rendering problems with Firefox (and also the development seems to have stalled). (0)
  • safari bookshelf is an affordable subscription-based access to (not only) O’Reilly books. It looks like a good place to start if you don’t know which book you’re looking for. The downside is a monthly subscription fee (from $10). (1)
  • Several people followed this tutorial on how to configure libesd-alsa0 and claimed it had worked. Sound in a mess in Linux ;-) (0)