Below you can find short descriptions of some of the projects I have worked on. If you are interested in more detial, please let me know. Note that the order of the projects is purely chronological. Some of them are quite small (like DNScat), whereas others are big (SmartGas, ALAC).

CSSE - Context-Sensitive String Evaluation (2005)

CSSE logoCSSE is an mechanism defending against injection attacks (such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting) I worked on at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory with Chris Vanden Berghe. CSSE uses an instrumented execution environment (such as PHP or Java) to keep track of variables during program execution, and through the assignment of metadata, be able to detect and prevent injection attacks. I developed two prototype implementations of CSSE for PHP (instrumented PHP runtime environment) and Java (a neat implementation using AspectJ).

CSSE will be published at RAID2005 - see my publications. CSSE has its own webpage.

DNSCat (2004)

DNScat logoThis is a very small program I wrote as a proof-of-concept for sending data through a covert channel using DNS requests. Actually, the concept itself is not new (NSTX uses a similar technique), but this is the first program that does it in Java ;-) DNScat uses a very nice library DNSJava to implement DNS server and client functions and can use PPP for tunelling IP packets. As a result DNScat is very compact.

Other than that, DNScat has a detailed manual, showing how to use pppd and explaining how to configure your DNS server properly so that tools like DNScat will not work. DNScat is licensed as GPL and has its own webpage. It is also available at sourceforge.

ALAC - Adaptive Learner for Alert Classification (2003-NOW)

This project is a part of my thesis I am working on at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. The idea was to use machine learning techniques to automatically process alerts triggered by an intrusion detection system, and therefore reduce human analyst's burden. ALAC has been published in RAID2004.

SmartGas -- an Intelligent Gas Detector (2000-2002)

Smart-Gas This is the project I did as a contractor at Atest-Gaz, a company manufracturing gas detector systems. The project was very interesting and become a base of my M.Sc. thesis (in Polish), or see a related presentation in English.

During the project I was responsible for the design and the implementation of a software of microprocessor gas detector sensor (software architecture, digital signal processing, communication protocols) using Microchip's PIC microprocessor. I also developed a diagnostic and calibration sofware in Java, allowing to access the sensor using a variety of protocols: Modbus, Irda, Internet using XML-RPC. The sensor has received a EU certificate and is currently manufactured and sold in the EU.

In the second part of the project I used TINI - a controller with Java OS to build an Internet-aware sensor control unit and a diagnostic platform. A single TINI-based control unit can access a number of sensors and drive the output units. The measurements are visualized by on-board generated web-page and written of a database using JDBC. Finally the unit allows for the remote sensor diagnostics and configuraion. Currently a TINI-based control unit runs in a prototype installation.

Vehicle Security Systems (2000-2002)

This is a project I did as contractor for Ster, a company manufacturing vehicle security system. I was repsponsible for the software architecture and the implmenetation of multiple vehicle security systems manufactured by the company. The systems have gotten incurance companies' certificates and are currently manufactured and sold in Poland and the EU.


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